Employment Testing

Workplace safety is very important to employers. Employees that are impaired by drugs or alcohol can present a danger to themselves and others.

Precision Lab Services offers drug and alcohol testing to employers. We offer both pre-employment screening as well as random testing support to help employers promote workplace safety.

Sample collection may be performed at one of our patient service centers or employers may collect and submit the samples to our laboratory.

We suggest using a chain of custody process to provide an audit trail and tamper evidence for these samples. The chain of custody method requires a specific collection process, tamper-evident seals and a signature hand off when the sample(s) change hands. This audit trail is maintained from the time of collection until the sample analysis is completed.

The laboratory also offers non-chain of custody or random urine collection for times when a chain of custody is deemed unnecessary by the employer.

Our drug testing menu covers the most common classes of drugs abused. We offer either screen-only or screen with confirmation testing.

Results are reported through a secure website. We can also provide mailed or fax copies of results if required.

Let Precision Lab Services be a partner in promoting your company’s workplace safety.

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