Employer FAQs

How can I be certain that the testing is accurate?

Because testing instrumentation and methods specifically identify the drug(s) present in a specimen, the possibility of confusing a legitimate prescription drug or over-the-counter medication with an illicit or abused drug is essentially eliminated. All testing is performed on instruments maintained and calibrated according to scientific guidelines. Additionally, any positive result is automatically checked and confirmed in strict accordance with the highest standards

What about ‘adulterating’ a specimen?
Are results confidential?
What is a 'cutoff' level?
How is a drug screen performed?
Why does my employer require drug testing?
What does the drug screen show?
How is the specimen obtained?
Do I need to prepare in any way?
Will I need to bring anything to the collection site?
How can I be certain that my specimen isn’t mixed-up with another?
How long does it take to complete the testing?

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