Lab Integration

EMR Interfaces

Precision Lab Services (PLS) will agree to implementing EMR Interfaces with our clients under specific conditions.

  • Client Account(s) must be current, and client must not have been in arrears more than 60 days within the past 6 months.
  • Precision Lab Services must not have paid for a previous interface with the practice within the past 24 months.
  • Client must have sufficient order volume to justify the cost of implementing and maintaining the interface.
    • The PLS metric is an average volume of at least 75 orders / month.  This is calculated on a quarterly basis; so a minimum volume of 225 specimens in a three month period and 900 in a 12 month period if that length of time is available for reference.
    • EMR vendors frequently have their own metric that may differ from the PLS one, before they will commit to implementing an interface.  Therefore, you should check with your EMR vendor as a first step.


Acquisition Costs

There are two components to the cost of building an interface: 

  • The EMR vendor fees and
  • The LIS vendor fees. 

When the interface to be implemented will be bi-directional, meaning that PLS will receive electronic orders, and will provide electronic results, the benefits of the interface are perceived to be mutual. 

If the interface is uni-directional, meaning that PLS will provide electronic results, the benefit is deemed solely to the practice.


When the interface is bi-directional (two-way, orders and reports)

  • Precision Lab Services will pay for our LIS vendor’s fees. 
  • The provider will be responsible for their EMR vendor's fees.

When the interface is uni-directional (one-way, reports only)  -- Or, if PLS paid for any interface for the practice within the last 24 months 

  • The practice will be responsible for the LIS vendor fees.
  • The practice will be responsible for the EMR vendor fees.

Maintenance Costs

Once implemented, the LIS vendor and most EMR vendors, charge ongoing maintenance fees.

  • PLS will pay the ongoing maintenance fees charged by our LIS vendor provided the 75/month 225/quarter order volume is maintained.
  • PLS will not pay ongoing EMR vendor maintenance fees.
  • If order volume is not maintained, PLS will share the LIS vendor maintenance costs with the practice.  Specifically, when the 225/quarter threshold is not met, a monthly charge will result for the subsequent three months, regardless of volume.  A new analysis will occur quarterly.

The monthly maintenance fee  is a tiered scale as follows: 

Avg. Order Volume Provider Portion
  0 - 24 $75.00
25 - 49 $50.00
50 - 74 $25.00
75 + $0.00

If you agree to the terms listed above and desire to implement a laboratory interface please complete our interface request form.

  1. Determine who in your practice is going to be overall responsible for the interface implementation
    1. Person's name
    2. Telephone number(s)
    3. Email address
    4. Timezone and working hours
  2. Obtain agreement with your EMR vendor that they will implement a lab interface for you.
    1. Get an estimated project initiation date
    2. Get contact information for an EMR representative that can work to initiate the project with the LIS vendor.
      1. Person's Name
      2. Telephone number(s)
      3. Email Address
      4. Timezone and working hours
  3. Complete our Interface Request form.  

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