Faxed Results

Precision Lab Services (PLS) does offer Fax Result Reporting Services. 

You can have all results faxed.  This service is our auto-fax service.  

Or, you can have a specific patient's results faxed.  

We must verify the fax number you provide to us before we can use it to transmit PHI (Protected Health Information).  The procedure below is required when you initially provide us your fax number and each time you add or change a fax number. 

PLS Fax Verification Process

When you request faxed results be activated (either one-time or recurring)

  1. We will fax a page to you with a code and specific instructions on the page.
  2. If you receive this page, we need to you fax it back to us at the number on the form.  This will verify that the number is yours and that you agree to receive PHI at this fax number.  This infers that the fax machine is located in a secure area, or is a secure fax system that does not automatically print received faxes.

Here is an example of the form




Precision Lab Services uses a HIPAA compliant cover page for each fax submitted.  An example is below




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