Client Outreach Portal

Sensitive patient information requires that healthcare providers maintain a delicate balance between easy access and protecting data from unauthorized access.  Precision Lab Services uses the Labgen Client Outreach Portal to balance these two competing aims.

The Client Outreach Portal

Our portal provides a web presence that allows clients, providers and lab employees to access necessary patient information.  The information is transmitted securely using the same protections that your bank uses to protect your sensitive financial information.  Authorized users can access the outreach portal to order tests and retrieve results using their web browser.  The portal eliminates many sources of both pre and post analytic errors.

Specific Activities Provided through the Portal Include:

  • Inbox access to the most recent orders with status for partially completed orders
    • An option to view cumulative results, so that you can see how the patient's results have trended over time
    • An option to graph one or more analytes
  • Patient Result Search to review previous result reports
  • Patient Maintenance
    • Clients can maintain Chart IDs, update insurance information, demographics or room/bed assignments
  • Order Creation and Management.  The Orders module allows clients to remove confusion caused by handwriting interpretation, and to ensure complete orders are submitted.
  • Standing Order Management.  Skilled Nursing Clients can create standing orders, update standing orders, and audit/review standing order schedules.
  • Account Management.  Used for invoice management
  • Microbiology for Infectious Disease Control data reports.




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