We have changed urinalysis systems.

The new system performs a 5-part differential and specific bacteruria analysis.  As a result of this instrumentation change, result reporting for microscopic evaluation is changed  to U/L rather than #/HPF or #/LPF. 

For Bacteria, an interpretive comment to match the old analysis is included.

normal ranges for microscopic analysis changes as follows:

Component Old Normal Range New Normal Range
WBC 0-5/HPF 0-28 uL
RBC 0-5/HPF 0-28 uL
EC (Epithelial Cell) 0-5/HPF 0-28 uL
CAST 0-3/LPF 0- 2 uL
Bacteria NONE 0-500 uL

Bacterial Interpretation between old Alphanumeric Results and New Numeric Results

Lower End Upper End Interpretation
0 500 Neg
501 1500 Few
1501 3500 Moderate
3501 +++ Many


Chemistry Analysis summary of changes

pH is now measured in 1/2 steps rather than integer steps  (6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, etc.)

Specific gravity is measured by refractometry

In general chemistry measurement ranges are wider and more specific.  



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