Test Listing: AMMONIA

Code 3006
Test or Panel Test
Specimen Type Green top tube (sodium or lithium heparin)
Preferred Volume 0.5 mL
Minimum Volume (Emergencies only) 0.2 mL
Patient Prep N/A
Collection Procedure Collect venous or arterial sample. If specimen is to be delivered directly to hospital laboratory, it must be put on wet ice immediately after collection and delivered within 20 minutes. Draw in pre-chilled tubes. Refrigerated centrifuge is preferred but not required.
Specimen Processing Separate plasma from the cells within 20 minutes of collection, transfer to a standard aliquot tube, and freeze. Refrigerated centrifuge is preferred but is not required.
Storage and Transport Frozen - Separate samples must be submitted when multiple tests are ordered.
Stability Room Temp Unacceptable ?Refrigerated 3 hours ?Frozen (-20 ?C) 1 week ?Frozen (-70 ?C) 1 week
Unacceptable Condition EDTA samples
Alternate Specimens Lithium heparin frozen plasma handles the same as in specimen processing directions.
Limitations N/A
CPT Codes 82140
Interface Order Code 3006
Testing Schedule Mon-Fri
Available STAT? Yes
Turnaround Time 24 Hours
Methodology Enzymatic
Alias AMM
Synonyms NH3; Ammonia Level

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