Test Listing: AMYLASE

Code 3008
Test or Panel Test
Specimen Type Serum separator tube (gold, brick, SST, or corvac)
Preferred Volume 2 mL
Minimum Volume (Emergencies only) 0.2 mL
Patient Prep N/A
Collection Procedure N/A
Specimen Processing Separate serum from cells within 2 hours of collection and transfer to a standard aliquot tube.
Storage and Transport Refrigerated
Stability N/A
Unacceptable Condition EDTA or sodium fluoride-potassium oxalate plasma (grey top tube)
Alternate Specimens Lithium heparin plasma (green top tube)
Limitations N/A
CPT Codes 82150 x 1
Interface Order Code 3008
Testing Schedule Mon-Fri
Available STAT? No
Turnaround Time 24 Hours
Methodology Enzymatic
Alias AMY
Synonyms N/A

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