Code 2003
Test or Panel Test
Specimen Type N/A
Preferred Volume 10 mL in each bottle
Minimum Volume (Emergencies only) See notes
Patient Prep Disinfect venipuncture site with antiseptic and alcohol prior draw.
Collection Procedure A set of blood culture bottles consists of 1 BacT/ALERT SA aerobic (blue) bottle and 1 BacT/ALERT SN anaerobic (purple) bottle. Remove plastic flip-top from each bottle and disinfect the rubber septum with an alcohol pad. Disinfect venipuncture site on patient. Aseptically draw 20 mL of blood into a syringe. Inoculate each bottle with 10 mL using the same needle. If LT 20 mL of blood is obtained, 10 mL should be used to inoculate the aerobic (blue) bottle and the remainder into the anaerobic (purple) bottle. If 10 mL or less is obtained, place the full volume into the aerobic (blue) bottle. A 2nd set of blood cultures SHOULD be drawn in a 24 hour period to provide the optimal volume of blood to recover pathogens and aid in the interpretation of positive culture significance. In addition to patient information, bottles must be labeled with date, time and site of collection. Ship ASAP at room temperature.
Specimen Processing N/A
Storage and Transport N/A
Stability N/A
Unacceptable Condition Specimens submitted in bottles other than BacT/ALERT
Alternate Specimens N/A
Limitations N/A
CPT Codes 87040 x 1
Interface Order Code N/A
Testing Schedule Mon-Fri
Available STAT? No
Turnaround Time 24 Hours
Methodology BacT/ALERT 3D continuous monitoring automated system
Alias CBLD
Synonyms Aerobic/Anaerobic Blood Culture; Yeast Blood Culture; 2nd Spec/same day

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