PortalGuide Account

Account Menu

The Account menu allows you to view and print open invoices.  There are two menu options

  • Account Info/Statements -- Provides a list that opens to a web view of the statement details.  This is the default statement delivery method.
  • Download Invoices -- Provides a "data" version of your statements that can be opened in Excel.  
    • Note that the vendor did not make this a friendly file. 
    • The laboratory provides an Excel Workbook (not usable with Excel online) that can import and format the data into a usable form.

Account Info/Statements

  • When you click this option, you will be shown a link for any open invoices.
  • Click the invoice# to view the invoice and optionally print it.


Download Invoices

  • This link displays any invoices available for download for use by a computer program.
  • The lab has an Excel Workbook that you can use to import this data with headings.
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