Client Billing Excel Workbook

Precision Lab Services has produced an Excel Workbook that can be used to import the Download Invoice data for reconciliation or import into your financial package (support is not provided to import data into your finance package - it will require work by your local programmers/IT staff)

 You can download the workbook by clicking the button below.


Using the Workbook:

  1. Download the workbook to your computer.
  2. You must have requested invoices in download format from the billing department.  This is a special request, it is not automatic.
  3. Download the invoice you want to work with to your computer.
  4. Open the Invoice_Book.xlsm workbook and enable content / enable macros.
  5. Click on the button in the workbook.  This will display a File Open Dialog.
  6. Browse to, select and open the downloaded invoice file.
  7. Wait until your data is displayed.
  8. Save the data file.
  9. Close the Invoice_Book workbook.

The workbook is provided as-is without warranty as to function, fitness for any specific purpose etc.  There is no formal support provided for this workbook.  Any problems reported, if accepted for correction will be on a best-effort basis with no guarantee of timeliness of correction.  At the time of release, there was no malware associated with the file.  However, you should scan the file and verify that it is functional prior to opening or attempting to use the file.  Precision Lab Services does not warrant that the software is free of malware or that use will not harm your computer, network, etc.  

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