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What is the Inbox?

The inbox displays results for orders completed in the last 10 days.
You can sort the data by clicking on any of the green headings acroos the top.

  • The "Rep Status" column informs you of the order status.
  • The "Complete" flag indicates all tests have results
  • The "Incomplete" flag means some tests are not complete yet
  • The "Pending" means that results are waiting for verification before being released.
  • The "Outside range" indicator means that one or more values are abnormal on this report.
  • The "Within range" indicator means that no values are abnormal on this report.

How to View a Report

  • Double-Click anywhere on the line for the report you want to view. You can print the report from the view window.

Find reports with critical values

  1. Click on the Report filter at the top of the page.
  2. Select Critical to show only reports with critical values.

Printing report(s)

  • Enter a check in the left box for each row to print reports for.
  • To select all rows, click the checkbox in the green headings.
  • Click the Print Selected reports button to open a print dialog.

Remove Printed Reports from the Inbox View

The "Remove selected reports as printed" button will remove any checked report rows from the inbox - whether it has been completed or not. 

  • Enter a check in each row's checkbox
  • Click the Remove selected reports as printed button.
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