PortalGuide Microbiology


The Microbiology option is available if your facility is subscribed to access.  This is a self-service function that provides you with Infectious Disease Control reporting data. There is no charge for this self-service function.  If you don't have access and want it, just ask your client services representative for access or submit a request from the Client Resources page on this site.

IDC Reports

There are four report types available. For IDC purposes, you may need data from each of them.

Get Started

  • Set the date range you want to report on, you can set a range to span up to one year.
  • Within each report, click the Close/Change period covered button to return to the Report Menu. There you can change reports without changing the dates.

Infection Report (Patient Summary)

  • This report identifies, patient name, test date, culture source, organism and result.

Infection Report (Bacteria vs. Site)

  • This report identifies, in table form the organisms identified over the selected period by specimen source.

Antimicrobic susceptibility Report

  • This report identifies, in table form the organisms and percent susceptibility by antibiotic

Antibiotic Resistant Organisms Report

  • This report identifies any cases of Highly Resistant Organisms that ocurred during the period requested.
  • It is normal for this report to have No Results Found.
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