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Add an Order

NOTE: This form requires that Pop-ups be enabled for this site so that the order form will be displayed for printing.  Ask your IT resources for help.  If you don't have IT resources that can help, call the laboratory and ask for help.

Create Lab Orders Electronically when you need to save time and reduce order errors:

  • Save Time -
    • When the patient is in our database, you don't spend time completing patient demographics.  
    • You don't get calls from the lab to interpret abbreviations, handwriting, etc.
  • Reduce Errors - 
    • You can verify that you have the right patient and the right tests ordered
    • Yuu can pick the patient's dx codes, and find out if they are billable or not on the spot.

How to Add an Order

Retrieve the patient information.

  1. Enter a few characters of the last name
  2. Enter a few characters of the first name
  3. click the Search icon (magnifying lens) to the right of the First name field.
  4. Select the patient from the search results.  
    1. If the patient is not found,
    2. you can change your search criteria and retry at the top of the screen, or
    3. you can choose create new button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Once you find and select or create your patient, the order form is populated with the patient's data.
  6. Select the Ordering provider from the list. If no doctors appear, ensure that you searched for the patient and selected them, if so, then call the lab for assistance in getting the provider added to your web account.
  7. Do not use the Consulting Physician field. If necessary, enter this information in the Comments field (check the comments checkbox to reveal it.)
  8. If you need to change Insurance information either pick the correct payer from the dropdown in the field, or click the edit icon.
  9. If you need to have a copy of the results report provided to someone else, click the triangle to show the fields. Enter all data as needed. 

    Note that the Lab will have to verify this information prior to fulfilling this request. It is not automatic.
  10. Leave the Order date and time as they default.
  11. Set the collection date to when you need the order to be collected. Note that if you need the lab to perform the phlebotomy, we generally need at least 1 day advance notice. Ignore the time field, it is not saved on the order.
  12. If this is a one-time order skip this field and go to step 13.  For standing orders follow the sub-steps below
    1. Select a repeating frequency.  This will expose 2 additional fields, start and stop.
    2. Enter the start date, which should match the collection date that you set and should be at least 1 day in the future.
    3. Enter the stop date. This field is required so, if you are unsure set it to a couple years from now. You can cancel standing orders as needed.  Just set this so that it won't end too early.
  13. If you have comments to add to the order, click the checkbox and enter them in the field that appears.
  14. Select the Tests to be ordered:
    1. Recommended method:
      1. Click the Test List button.
      2. Then check the box for each test that you want to order
        Note that checking the box adds them to the order
      3. Close the box using the circle-X at the top right of the Test-List window.
        Notes about the Test list Window
        General is profiles or panels such as CMP, PT-INR, CBC w/ Diff, etc.
        Individual tests are things like Ammonia, Glucose, BNP, etc.
        Microbiology is for culture requests
        Therapeutic drugs is a list of things like Digoxin, Phenytoin, etc. that are grouped for easier access than looking through the individual tests (they appear in both places)
        Urine Tests, is a list of urine tests
    2. Alternate method - Add test by name
      1. Slowly enter a couple letters in the Test Name box.
      2. A list of tests will appear,
      3. Continue adding letters to filter the list until you find the test you are looking for.
    3. Alternate method - Add test by code
      1. If you know the test code value, you can enter it into the test code box. This is generally not recommended.
  15. Add the diagnosis code(s) to the order.
    1. If you know the ICD10 code(s), simply type them into the fields as needed.
    2. If you do not know the ICD10 codes,
      1. Click the Diag List button,
      2. Click Patient Hist (if available) to see any ICD10 codes that the patient has used in the past. Check all that apply.
      3. If the appropriate codes are not available there, you can try the DX Codes list, but it does not allow filtering or searching so it may not be the best solution.
    3. Use the Add Diagnosis Code by name
      1. Enter the diagnosis description for the condition the patient is being seen for and then locate the appropriate ICD10 code from the resulting list.
      2. Click the ICD10 code to add it to the order
  16. If the diagnosis is not going to support testing, check the box at the lower left of the screen to print an ABN notice for signature by the patient, prior to performing phlebotomy.
  17. Click the Submit button to submit the order.
  18. If you need to update any information you will be prompted. Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter your initials as the orderer.
  19. If pop-ups are enabled for the portal, The requisition form will display in a separate browser tab.
  20. If the order does not automatically display, this indicates that pop-ups have not been allowed for this site. You can retrieve the requisition form as follows:
    1. Open the Main Menu,
    2. Select Orders -- Order Log
    3. Select the Order date button
    4. Select the Today button
    5. Click Search
    6. Check the checkbox for the order from the resulting list.
    7. Click Print Checked to display the order.
    8. Use the Print button to open the print dialog.
  21. Print the order and save it in the Phlebotomy log if the lab's phlebotomist is to collect the sample.  Otherwise, collect the sample and submit it to the lab.
  22. For standing orders you want collected "tomorrow", please contact the lab and let them know you have added a standing order - and be certain a hard copy is in the phlebotomy log so that it is not missed.

Do you notice the barcodes on the Order form?  
Our Web Orders can be printed on label paper that is available from the lab at no charge to your facility.  If you use this paper for web orders, you can use the barcode labels to label collected samples.  Simply initial and note the collection date/time on the barcode label and attach it to the tube.

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