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Order Log

The Order log lets you see the status of web-orders that were placed. It does not let you manage paper or lab-entered orders.

To view the Order log

  1. Click Order -- Order Log,
  2. Enter search terms as desired
  3. Click Search at the bottom right corner of the window.

The list that is displayed can be sorted by clicking the headings.

  • The Order# column shows the status.
  • Black order numbers indicate pending orders or orders that are not yet received by the lab.
  • Blue order numbers indicate orders that have been received by the lab
  • Red order numbers indicate orders that have been cancelled



You can either print the Order Log or (Re)Print the order forms from here.

Print the Order Log

  • Choose Print List, (popups must be enabled).  This gives a table format with the status when available.
    • Note that you may see multiple rows in this list for the same order.
    • Generally the time and order status have changed in these cases.
  • From here, you can print the page by clicking the Print button at the top right

(Re)Print lab order(s)

  • Check boxes for some or all rows
  • Choose Print Checked to print or reprint the requisition form(s) for the selected rows.
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