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Standing Orders 

The Standing Orders menu option is useful in a couple different ways

  • You can process (convert) a standing order into an actual order.
  • You can cancel a standing order
  • You can review upcoming standing orders.

Selecting Standing Orders

  • Select the facility from the Acct Unit Dropdown list.
  • Click the appropriate date button.
    • If you choose Range, Start and End Date fields will display.
    • Complete those as desired up to 30 days in the range,
  • click search.

Process Orders

  • Follow the Select Standing Orders process above.
  • Click the checkbox for each row that you want to process and
  • Click the Process checked button.
  • This will display each of the orders in turn for finalization and printing.
  • Update the diagnosis codes and click submit.

Cancel a Standing Order

  • Follow the Process orders steps above
  • With the order details on the screen, choose the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Specify the reason as appropriate.

Review(Audit) upcoming Standing orders

  • Follow the Selection Process above
  • Specify the appropriate date range
    • Date ranges can span any time but the range can only cover 30 days.
    • To find standing orders coming in three months, specify the first and last days of the month to be viewed.
  • From the list, you can review the patient, interval, last date, due date and tests. 
  • Note that last ordered date could reflect a skipped or missed date.  Search results or view the order log to obtain more information.
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