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The Patient Menu

The patient menu is used to add or change patient data such as:

  • Name
  • Address information
  • Room or Bed information
  • Patient Chart IT
  • Insurance information

Adding a Patient

Generally, you wouldn't use the patient menu to add a patient. Normally, you are adding a patient so that you can create an order. In these cases, just add the patient while creating the order. It saves time and a couple steps.

Edit a Patient

There are valid reasons to edit a patient, for instance to:

  • Change their room or bed assignment
  • update insurance information
  • Add your EMR's chart ID (MRN or PIN) so that you have this as a reference on your client bills.

To add a patient

  • click Add
  • Input the data into the appropriate fields.
    • Screen 1 is normal patient demographics.
    • Screen 2 is for insurance information.

Insurance eligibility is verified upon entry, so be certain that you have entered information that is correct for the insurance company.

To edit a patient

  • Click Edit
  • Do one of the following to find the patient
    • Enter a few characters of the patient's last and first name in the appropriate fields
    • If you are maintaining the chart ID values, enter the patient Chart ID
  • Click Search (at the lower right corner of the window).
  • Pick the correct patient from the displayed search results
  • Edit the patient's demographic data as needed then click Save
  • Edit the patient's insurance information as needed then click Save

To cancel an operation just go back to the main menu and choose a new action.

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