24-Hour Urine

When your provider requests a test that requires a collection of urine over a period of time such as 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 hours:

This collection must be performed in a very specific manner to ensure accurate and reliable test results.  For some tests, the Patient Service Center (PSC) staff may also have to collect a blood sample either before or after urine collection, and they may also require you to provide other information such as current height and weight).

Please note the following instructions before beginning your collection process.

  1. Some samples require PSC staff to add a preservative to the container prior to collection.  Some preservatives are very irritating, and patients are cautioned not to urinate directly into the collection container when preservatives are present.
  2. Some collections may require you to refrigerate the sample during the collection process.  even if a preservative has been added.
  3. When beginning the collection, your bladder should be emptied upon arising in the morning.  Discard this urine.  Note the time and date on the jugs label.
  4. From this time on, collect all urine passed throughout the prescribed period and pour it into the container(s) provided.  Remember that you should not urinate directly into the container because a preservative could be harmful if it is splashed on your skin.
  5. The final collection should be made upon emptying your bladder the following morning at the same time the test was begun on the previous day.
  6. The entire specimen should be delivered to the PSC as soon as possible after collection is complete.
  7. Some procedures require a current height and weight of the patient being tested.  Please bring this information with you to the PSC.
  8. Some procedures require that a blood sample be drawn with the urine.  Generally, this sample must be collected within 24 hours of the time that the urine collection is completed to ensure accuracy.

If you have an accident or forget to save some of the urine, return the container to the PSC to exchange for another one.  There will be no extra charge.  You will need to restart the collection however.