Pain Management

Urine drug testing (UDT) is a powerful tool in pain management that provides invaluable objective information needed to assist with diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. Results of a UDT provide confirmation of the agreed-upon treatment plan (adherence/ compliance). Having regular UDT’s as part of the patients treatment plan allows physicians to diagnose relapse or drug medication as early as possible, and can aide physicians during re-evaluation of current treatment plans.

Precision Lab Services’ state-of-the-art laboratories provide physicians with the most accurate, timely, and sensitive information available to help improve outcomes for chronic pain patients as w ell as for the practice Precision Lab Services’ exclusive methods and clinical support provide physicians with the tools to build a pain medication monitoring program that meets and exceeds the needs of the practice.

Precision Lab Services’  clinical support staff provide unmatched customer service as well as comprehensive clinical support to help practices manage and monitor chronic pain patients’ medications more effectively.

Our experienced sales consultants are readily available and specialize in engineering individualized medications. Precision Lab Services’ approach to UDT medication monitoring would include baseline drug testing; initiation of opioid therapy, and monthly compliance monitoring at doctor’s discretion; and routine, random monitoring at doctor’s discretion. Thus, the majority of patients would receive:

  • A baseline test
  • Compliance testing at the doctor’s discretion for the first year for healthy patients with no prior issues of addiction, medical or physiological changes
  • After the initial year continued testing at the doctor’s discretion to verify compliance with the opioid therapy