Blood Wellness Testing

Comprehensive blood wellness panels of biomarkers for hematology, inflammation, metabolic, diabetes prevention, cardiovascular, and hormone related diseases providing a basis for early detection, effective treatment, and disease reversal.
Lipid Groups, specifically Lipoproteins and Apo Lipoproteins, help determine patient’s risk for cardiovascular and related diseases.  Using these results to form a patient centered wellness plan is a great way to start to a healthy lifestyle and achieve complete wellness.
Humans are visual by nature.  But it is not always what is on the outside that counts.  What happens inside our bodies is equally as important and often overlooked.  Detecting blood factors that cause inflammation within our bodies also helps predict patient risk factors that may lead to heart disease, stroke, or heart attacks.
Metabolic biomarkers give a visual of what is happening within our livers and the way our body regulates insulin levels.
Hormone biomarkers are equally important to all patients and also affect the way insulin levels are regulated, thus determining the way a patients looks and feels.
Precision Lab Services  ability to provide biomarker clinical data gives treating clinicians the ability to alter the lives of millions of patients using coordinated care plans that are both measurable and effective.  Why wait, speak to a Precision Lab Services representative and start making a difference today!