Primary Care

Urine drug testing is an invaluable tool that helps fulfill a fundamental tenant of medical care improving patient care and patient health.
Primary care physicians (PCP) and family health practitioners are afforded the unique position to treat patients for extended periods of time. Both the PCP and the patient benefit from such a long term relationship, and this well-established relationship increases the likelihood the patient will approach the physician about a difficult problem. Patients with long standing PCP relationships feel less apprehensive when discussing opioid therapy and UDT’s giving PCPs an highly instrumental role in developing a treatment plan that will best address the individual patient’s needs.
Our state-of-the-art laboratories and exclusive methods provide PCPs with accurate and timely results affording them to build a testing plan that exceeds the patients expectations.
Precision Lab Services’ support staff provide unmatched customer service as well as comprehensive clinical support to help practices manage and monitor patient medications more effectively. Our experienced sales consultants are readily available and specialize in engineering individualized medication monitoring plans designed to fit your practice’s needs.