Lab Services

Having regular UDT’s as part of the patient’s treatment plan is an important tool that can help you fulfill a fundamental tenant of medical care – improving patient care and serving the patient’s best interest. Medication misuse can be detected as early as possible and physicians are better equipped to re-evaluate current treatment plans or suggest new treatment options.
UDT’s should not be considered adversarial and are performed for the patient and not for the physician. Both normal and abnormal UDT results provide information that is beneficial to the patient. Normal UDT results support the patient’s efforts to remain compliant with the agreed-upon treatment plan. While abnormal UDT results can be used to educate and improve communication with the patient, promoting a patient-centered approach to medical care.
Precision Lab Services tests oral and urine samples (highly effective and accurate ways of testing the presence of drugs). Oral fluid testing can detect drugs anytime, from immediately after the most recent use, up to three days after use. Conventional drug testing with urine cannot accurately detect usage in the first four hours after use, thus making saliva superior for post accident testing.
Urine test typically have twice the detection period as blood or saliva test, UDT’s are rapid and inexpensive tests which provide screening for a myriad of conditions, proving its worth as a beneficial tool for healthcare providers. With UDT’s most substances remain detectable within 1 to 3 days after exposure.

UDT Advantages

  • Ample Volume
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Higher concentrations of metabolites in urine
  • Presence of certain drugs for extended period of time
  • Presence of metabolites can provide further evidence of drug use
  • Easily preserved
  • Drugs and metabolites found in urine are usually stable